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Welcome to my website! I'm Abby. I love the outdoors and boating with my family. I am obsessed with my nieces and nephews and never stop talking about them! 

I have been a videographer for 3 years and it is my passion. I have never loved anything more in my life. It is the happiest job I could dream of!


I get to be there for so many special life events and I especially love capturing all the little moments in between. Our lives are so abundant in every sense of the word and all I want to do for the rest of my life is capture it for everyone to see!


Book your bridals and wedding day with me and I’ll add on the engagement film for free! 


Wedding Day Film $1,000

This service includes 5 hours of shooting video during your wedding day! (Inquire about hours for out of state weddings) You will receive a 7-9 minute highlight reel of the best shots of the day. Just know I will be breakin' it downnn on the dance floor! ;)


Bridal/First look Film $300

This service includes a 90 minute session of shooting prior to your wedding day. This can be done alongside the photographer. This footage will be added to the final film. If you want it to be a separate film and finished before the wedding there will be a $75 rushed editing fee.




Engagement Film $250

A session that is just you and your person, very casual and specially meant to capture your personality and love! This can be done alongside the photographer. This footage may be used for the final film. These are my absolute favorite!





Raw Footage $300

This includes every single clip from your wedding day put into a reel. I love this service, it is like the very beginning of your family home movies! The very start of your life together!


Drone Footage $150

I hire out my Drone Footage but I promise my drone flyer will be nothing short of amazing. I gotchu bb. Drone footage always looks killer so I would highly recommend this.


Speeches/Vows $300

This service includes a separate video of the Speeches and Vows from your wedding day to have and look back on forever. May be added to final film.

Birth $300

This will be a 3-4 minute film from before and after your little one arrives! This service includes 2 hours of my time at the hospital. For every additional hour it will be $50/h. I will block off your due date on my calendar but I understand that the timing of birth can change and will be on call for any time. Unless I have another client or wedding I am filming I will do everything I possibly can to be there for the birth! Birth is a very special experience and I will have nothing but respect for you during this time. You won't even know I am there! 

Family History Film $1,000

A 30-40 minute film capturing highlights of different chapters of your loved ones life (Parent/Grandparent). Whether it be sharing advice or telling stores they should be captured to watch for years to come. This service takes prep work from you and me to work together, gathering pictures and creating a timeline of the loved ones life. On the chosen film date the interview process should take about 2-3 hours. Your family will cherish this film and will be able to come to know who their family is even after they have passed on. Save the stories! This is so close to my heart and so important to me to document those who have come before us and learn from them.  

Available to travel! 

I would be more than happy to travel for any of these services!

If the location is more than 4 hours from Provo, UT a flight is required.

I will book my preferred travel accommodations.



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